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    [Official Review] NeoSteam


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    [Official Review] NeoSteam Empty [Official Review] NeoSteam

    Post by Ecstacy on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:44 pm

    After 7 days of pure fun and excitement, NeoSteam has finished its CBT. I suddenly felt a rush to write a review on it, and ill try to make it as unbiased as I can (It will gonna be difficult XD).

    [Official Review] NeoSteam Nsss0052105844fe9

    Characters: [7/10]

    Ok, so there are a lot of characters to choose from, 6 in total. What I don’t get is why did they place a gender chooser when all you can change is the race POM? I checked the other versions and it’s still the same. For example, I want a female Human or a male Elf. If you want to play human, you’ll be a male and if you like to play an elf, you’ll be a girl Razz. Maybe they’ll change it too, but right now, all I can say is that customization of characters is not that good. One good thing about their character customization is that you can choose hair color and eyes so you won’t exactly look the same as everyone. Oh I almost forgot, if they’ll gonna add new genders, I’ll prolly try the beast race. They’re really REALLY cute!

    [Official Review] NeoSteam Nsss0062997363wq6

    Graphics: [8/10]

    Since I’m a huge steampunk lover, all I can say is that the graphics of NeoSteam is above average. Considering that the graphics is already old and the game is F2P, this is still an eye catcher! Look at those steam! Razz It’s not the best but it works for me! Where would you find a game with lower requirements but still offers cool graphics? There’s not to many F2P games that fall into this category

    One thing I noticed is the damage indicator of the game. It’s quite unique and it really suits the genre. It’s not a typical “Arial” or “Times New Roman” font found in some games. You can actually feel your “damage” everytime you see the damage indicator

    Gameplay: [9/10]

    NeoSteam is a typical point and click game. Point. Attack. That’s basically it. But Neosteam also has an attack button (` or a) and auto search target button (tab). So if you’re tired of pointing and clicking, you can just press those buttons XD. The game mostly revolves around skills, meaning, you don’t get to add stats to your character. The one you’ll gonna do is to think really hard to get the best skill build. This kind of game lets you strategize what kind of character you are building. You want a pure defense character? Then choose skills for boosting def. You want a healer instead of a mage? Then get skills that will be useful for support. You want a little of everything? Spread your stats. It’s really one unique way of customizing your characters. Basically, the gameplay is quite generic, but it’s enjoyable at the same time.

    [Official Review] NeoSteam Nsss0058717680hk6

    The content of this game is also enormous. The quest system is good and easy to do. From what I’ve read, there are more than 300 quests to do. You won’t get bored easily because you won’t have to kill same monsters just to level up. You can choose to level up by killing monsters or you can just do the quests. This removes the problem in grinding, which most people dislike. But from what I’ve experienced, the grinding is not that bad, especially if they release the whole content of the game, grinding will never be a problem at all.

    [Official Review] NeoSteam Nsss0053090394bz0

    One more thing I like about Neosteam is the pet system. After creating a character, you will get a pet that will do nothing but give you tips at the start Razz. But once you reach level 10, you can do the pet quest to evolve it to your own choice- a healer, an attacker or a thief pet. Personally, I chose the attacker pet [clock] and it helped me a lot in fighting off monsters. You can also tame a monster and be your pet. If you chose a summoner/god caller, you will be given a strong summon pet to aid you in your hunting. The pet system is quite complicated yet easy to do. This is one of the strengths of the game (especially for those girl gamers who wants “cute” pets Razz)

    Customer Service: [9/10]

    Wow, I was quite skeptic if their customer service will be ok because I really think that they’re not organized. Imagine, they’ve opened their site half-translated. They announced CBT 3 times (which are quite a letdown). But as the game entered its CBT, I found out that they’re one of the best team I’ve ever seen. Their Q&A is quite awesome because they almost answer your questions immediately. In game, the GMs are quite active and talks to the players a lot. That’s what I’ve been looking in a game. I don’t want those stereotype GMs that would just talk whenever there’s an event. GM Frigidaire is one of the most helpful GMs of NeoSteam. She would always give tips or joke around. Though some of those jokes are quite… hmm… irritating XD… its still one good way to have a great community. So for the NeoSteam GM team, good work for you guys!

    Community [8/10]

    Since, this is still in its CBT period, I really can’t say if this game has a decent community. But as I experienced while playing the game, I think the community is decent enough to let me play, chat and read the chat box.

    [Official Review] NeoSteam Nsss0001316515tb4

    PVP [9/10]

    Alright this is the best part. The pvp system of NeoSteam is one of the best I’ve ever seen. From pvp thru arenas, raids and RVR… it’s all ever exciting. I’ve tried pitting myself to a duel in a coliseum and its really fun killing. The GMs also organized a raid to other faction (I’m in Rogwell). We attacked Elerd NPCs and Elerd players. The bad thing about raiding to another nation is that you can’t initiate attacks, unless you attack the raiding enemies first. This might be designed to avoid unnecessary killings. Nevertheless, it’s the highlight of the CBT! The one I’m anticipating is the RvR feature wherein each nation will fight to win the Neosteam Generator. Think of it as the Chip War of RF Online. As a matter of fact, if the 3rd nation will be released, it will be much like RF Online in terms of massive scale wars.

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